Welcome to anime battlegrounds wiki!

Welcome to the wiki, some people on the minecraft creepypasta wiki where this game first started know exactly what this is..but for new people...the basics are below


this is a game i started on another wiki....simply put, create a original character, or choose a character you really like from a anime to play as.the rules are simple...

no BS unless you are me

no godmodding unless you are me

no killing off a major character without the owners permission

if youare going to create your own original power for acharacter please explain what it does.

if you are going to create a character romance do not be too explicit or inappropriate

due to this being a wiki now..i might think of a few new rules soon

(why does the no godmodding or BS rule not apply to me?simple...because i created the game, and need a OP character[aka inserting myself in the roleplay as the roleplays mod OOF]to make sure people follow the rules, i guess i could have made sure people follow the rules more subtly but nah,however all of my non rule enforcer characters, these rules still apply)

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